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    Organizational culture, behavior, diversity & communication

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    explain the following key concepts and terminology:

    o Organizational culture
    o Organizational behavior
    o Diversity
    o Communication

    â?¢Describe each concept and provide an analysis of each concept within your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

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    Below you will find a discussion on the four terms mentioned in your problem. I will include some outside resources that discuss these topics. You should only use my thoughts to help you enhance your understanding of the terms. You still need to complete your assignment yourself, including researching additional outside resources for these concepts. Do not copy my work into a document to complete your assignment. Plagiarism is academically unacceptable. However, I certainly hope my thoughts help clarify the material and the assignment.

    1. Organizational culture:

    An organization's culture can be both corporeal and mental in nature. What does this mean? Organizational culture is shared by members of the group and guides day-to-day activities of the work environment. Organizational culture is comprised of those items that guide action; including the written value statements or visions of the organization. This is an example of the physical aspect of organizational culture. The mental components of organizational culture include behavior norms; how people relate ...

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