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The importance of written and oral communication within the work environment

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Identify the elements of the basic virtual communications model focusing on technology as a means to communicate globally. The following subtopics are to be addressed:

â?¢ Subtopic 1: Discuss and describe effective and efficient online communication techniques and distinguish the types of technology-mediated communication
â?¢ Subtopic 2: Apply the basic communications model to virtual communications media
â?¢ Subtopic 3: Describe the characteristics of virtual communications media
â?¢ Subtopic 4: Identify key changes that affect the flow of information in a virtual workplace
â?¢ Subtopic 5: Distinguish the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customer satisfaction
â?¢ Subtopic 6: Assess the communications techniques that e-merchants can use to satisfy customer expectations.

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This posting assesses the communications techniques that e-merchants can use to satisfy customer expectations.

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I will try to give you a few ideas on where to get started.

Subtopic 1:
Online communication techniques should mirror those in person. Senders should be clear with their message, and receivers should provide feedback if the message is not clear. Also, general rules of politeness and respect should spill over into online communication.
Some common types of online communication means area videoconferencing systems, web sites, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, and sometimes even cell phones.

Subtopic 2:
The basic communication model is as follows:

sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback and context

The seinder sends a message along a channel. The receiver gets the message and provides feedback within the context of the message.

For example, I call you on the ...

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