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Professional Business Communication

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1. Research the internet and identify someone who has been successful in business (do not use entertainers, music artists, or sports figures).

2. Discuss how, in your opinion, the individual's communication skills have been integral to their success.

3. Identify one example of how the individual you selected has used oral or written communication to their advantage.

4. Could the individual you selected be successful if they exhibited poor oral or written communication skills? Be sure you support your answer and explain "why" or "why not."

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Bill Gates is an individual that has been extremely successful in business and has been consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest individuals on earth for many years due to his innovative entrepreneurship and business practices which have led to the creation and success of Microsoft. This individual has developed and utilized a great degree of innovation within the computer software industry, as well as has been ...

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Technology of Business Communications

Identify as many business communications technology applications as possible. For each situation briefly describe:

1. The business communications situation (including the business function being accomplished)
2. The way communication occurred in the pre-technology setting
3. The technology now being used
4. The advantages and disadvantages to the technology-aided communication approach

Technology application examples can range from situations as varied as using the telephone or walkie-talkie to talk to someone vs. talking in person to tweeting to advertise product enhancements.

A table is provided (four pages long) with applications in table and discussion in boxes next to application.

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