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Real World Applications of Public Speaking

This posting lists the most applicable aspects of public speaking that can be used in the real world. Outside sources are also used and cited.

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Public speaking skills are applicable in real life contexts in numerous ways. In other words, public speaking content impacts students' personal, academic, and professional lives. First, public speaking skills impacts students personally. When students learn about body language, they are able to read and adjust their own styles to accommodate speech situations. They are able to use active listening, posture, eye contact, articulation, project, and other premises to convey their ideas in personal speech situations. Since oral communication concepts are inherent in all communication situations (http://www.indiana.edu/~reading/ieo/digests/d110.html), public speaking skills allow speakers to strengthen personal abilities and even change poor speech habits such as mumbling, talking too fast, etc.

Research also indicates ...

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This posting offers ideas about the relevance of public speaking.