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    Communication Skills

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    Write a short analysis of your communication skills in interacting with those from other cultures and demographics. For instance, how well do you communicate with co-workers or students who are considerably older than you, or considerably younger? What about the disabled, foreign speaking populations, and the opposite gender? Consult with co-workers or family members and ask for their honest assessment of your communication skills. Be open and consider how to improve in the areas needing it.

    Prepare a tip sheet using your analysis of your communication skills. Outline suggestions for your future use in utilizing effective communication techniques with diverse demographics and different cultural groups in the workplace.

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    The nature of the communication in any organization can be internal, external, vertical and/or horizontal. The communication model in any organization looks like a circle with three parts: the sender, the message and the receiver. Each message is encoded by the sender and decoded by the receiver.

    My communication with co-workers considerably older than me is based on respect. I value their years of experience, and respect what they have to offer. The language I use when speaking to older co-worker is clear of slang. Communicating with people with disabilities is a bit challenging as face-to-face communication can be uneasy. I usually feel like I need to control my eye and stay away from staring at the nature of their ...