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Listening Barriers and Strategies

Please help me with a situation in which barriers can exist for listening and what strategies can be used to help cope and better deal with the two selected barriers. How can these barriers promote listening skills and as such allowing people to act and behave as they otherwise would not?

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I will use examples from a workplace for an organization as a situation. I hope this information helps and it answers the questions you needed answered.

Demographic and cultural differences can be the most challenging communication barriers that exist. The most common demographic differences are gender, age, and education. Race and ethnicity are the most common cultural differences. A manager has the responsibility to treat all employees equally and communicate with all their employees regardless of any demographic or cultural differences. Managers must be aware of the communication barrier issues and resolve all issues as soon as possible. Gender and age can be a challenge when it comes to communication. Even though these demographic differences are very common, not all experienced personal or professional know how to deal with these differences. For example, if police officers treat a female coworker differently (which isn't harassment or discrimination) might be within the rules but can cause a listening and communication ...

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