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Interpersonnal Communication

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In interpersonnal communication

1. What are some listening barriers?
2. What are their effects?
3. What are appropriate listening strategies?

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1. What are some listening barriers?

Listening is an important part of communication. However, sometimes there are barriers when it comes to listening. Some of the listening barriers include: psychological barriers, physical barriers, language barriers, and gender barriers.

- Psychological barriers: include shyness or embarrassment. One's stereotypical views of another individual group or individual may also be a barrier. If someone is already prejudiced, it can hinder how one listen to the other.
- Physical barriers: Refers to environmental distractions, such as the sound of an air conditioner, ringing of other people phones, and mobile beeps that can interfere with listening.
- Language barriers: Someone having an accent can be a barrier to listening because the other party does not ...

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Interpersonal communications are examined. The listening barriers are examined.