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    Barriers to Communication in Different Cultures

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    What are some of the barriers to communication between people of different cultures? What strategies can be used to overcome those barriers?

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    Different cultures have different communication patterns. What is normal and accepted in one culture will not be acceptable and appropriate in another culture. This can lead to serious communication breakdowns between individuals of different cultures. In today's global markets, leaders must guide their organizations in understanding the implications of different cultural norms and expectations. Below is a quick look at the difference between high-context and low-context communication patterns.

    Gudykunst, Matsumoto, Ting-Toomey, Nishida, Kim & Heyman (1996) contend that communication patterns are influenced by socialization based on cultural norms. Within individualistic cultures low-context communication ...

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    This solution offers a brief discussion of the barriers to communicating between cultures. As a part of this solution, a brief discussion of high-context and low-context communication is offered.