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    How can we reduce noise in cross-cultural communication? Use the steps in the communication process to explain some ways to control noise.

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    //While writing this kind of paper, first of all, we will give a brief introduction about cross cultural communication. After that, we will proceed with the barriers of communication under which, we will specifically mention about noise and the steps to reduce it using the communication process.//

    Cross cultural communication simply refers to the interface between persons of different culture, race, gender, ethnic origin, age, religion and class backgrounds. It is a method of negotiating, exchanging and mediating cultural differences through non-verbal gestures and space relationships. It is an important aspect of social life which includes two interrelated concepts. The first concept refers to the distinct cultural ways of communicating through the use of particular means of communication found in particular places and times.

    The second aspect relates to the role of communication in relation to communal and cultural function. Cross cultural communication can be defined as a process through which the differences in culture are constructed and expressed. It prepares individuals to develop and regulate shared understanding about social life which in turn will generate coordinated activity and shared meaning among the society members (Gudykunst, 2003).

    //After giving a brief introduction about cross -cultural communication, we ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 801 words with references.