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    Effective listening

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    Effective listening
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    //Before writing about any concept, we have to first understand its meaning. So, firstly here I will write about the meaning of Effective listening, so that its applications in present environment can be made effective.//

    Effective listening is a part of effective communication, which takes place when the sent message is interpreted in the same way as intended by the sender. Effective listening is most crucial and challenging task because people often focus more on what they say than what they hear in return. Listening effectively is similar to standing in the shoes of the speaker, listening through his ears and watching through his eyes. Effective listening requires hard work and efforts on the part of the listener. Active involvement is very essential. The key barriers to listening are noise, being preoccupied by some other work and not listening, listening to ones personal viewpoints on what is being delivered and making opinions about the speaker ...

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