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Listening Concepts of Means

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What does the concept of listening really mean?

What are some aspects of effective listening?

Provide a example of listening.

How could someone improve as a listener?

How is having effective listening skills a good quality for someone in the criminal justice field?

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What does the concept of listening really mean?

Listening involves more than just hearing sounds which is a physiological action. Listening involves actively seeking to associate meaning to the sounds (words) one hears, combining those words with body language and other non-verbal communication and context in order to determine the message that the speaker is attempting to convey. The goal of listening (and communication in general) is to be able to replicate in my mind the message that started in the mind of the speaker.

What are some aspects of effective listening?

Make eye contact - listening involves interpreting body language, facial expressions and hand signals so much of communication is lost if eye contact is not involved.

Remove distractions - if someone wants you to listen to them but you are unwilling to turn off the TV, disconnect your ear buds from your iPod, or stop reading the book you have in front of you, you are sending the ...

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