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Effective listening techniques

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Choosing one of the following topic:
Effective Listening Skills
create an outline which will help prepare a presentation . Create an outline that includes the following (each section should include several sentences to clearly describe the plans for a oral presentation):
Audience Analysis:
Who is your audience for this presentation?
What may your audience know already about your topic?
Thesis Statement
Explain the main idea, goal or purpose of the speech by writing a thesis statement Write one sentence that states the purpose of your presentation.
Opener (1 sentence)
Use an opening line that hooks the audience and draws them into the presentation.
Develop the body of the presentation by identifying 3-5 main points to include about the main topic.
Develop a topic sentence for main point #1.
Develop a topic sentence for main point #2.
Develop a topic sentence for main point #3.
Conclusion: Ending the presentation:
Develop the conclusion for the presentation.
Clincher-A factual statement to close the presentation.
Give a closing statement that will help the audience to remember the presentation.
Note any references used.

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An outline for a speech on effective listening techniques is provided in the solution.

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Below are ideas, suggestions, and examples you can use to design your outline. Please let me know if you have any questions, need clarification, or further support.

Topic: Effective Listening Skills

Audience Analysis: (assuming the audience is your peers in class). The audience is my peers and instructor. The audience of my peers harbors basic knowledge of the topic. The instructor has considerable knowledge on the topic. The initials framework of effective listening has ...

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