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Interpersonal communication scenarios

1. Mike and Carlie, (two co-workers in your section) have been discussing the new addition in the office. In the breakroom, Carlie asks Mike, "What do you think about the new rep's choice of inappropriate clothing? I suppose she thinks she will get more clients."

What do you think Carlie is really saying? And what meaning do you think Mike will take from her words? How can you, as their manager, insure an inclusive environment so that everyone can complete his or her work? What would you say and do?

2. Knowing that effective listening is a cornerstone to effective management, how would you as a manager handle the following situation?

Your newest and highly recommended employee has become defensive and uncooperative with the rest of the team. In less than two months the employee is also repeatedly late for work and is taking smoke breaks every half hour.

How would you employ the appropriate listening techniques during your meeting with the employee tomorrow morning? How would you begin the conversation? What would you do next?

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Please allow some of my reactions and notes to help:

1. Carlie seems to be really saying that the new rep's clothing might be distracting or even sexually provocative. Carlie is making judgments about the new rep merely based on the rep's outward appearance in terms of personal clothing choice. The meaning that Mike will likely take from Carlie's words is that the new rep dresses inappropriately to gain attention.

You, as their manager, are ensuring an inclusive environment by ...

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