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Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills in Clinical Psychology

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That which we are best at and uniquely designed to accomplish, will typically align with our strengths and interests. What is a broad or specific skill or area of knowledge that you would like to improve and deepen? This content area or theme will be one you are passionate about and interested in, one that carries meaning for those you want to impact and transform.

The choices of examples to choose from are: Learning deficiencies, public policy, behavioral interventions, community advocacy, interpersonal communication, cognitive development, adult education, mental health, diversity studies, business intelligence, addiction psychology, etc.

I choose interpersonal communication as my selection that aligns with my strengths and interests. What does it mean for me to have interpersonal skills?

Why should interpersonal communication skills be important for me if my desire is to become a clinical psychologist?

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By definition, interpersonal skills (or "people skills) means "The aptitude enabling a person to be able to carry on effective relationships with others such as an ability to cooperate, communicate thought and feeling, assume appropriate social responsibilities or exhibit adequate flexibility."

Interpersonal skills are extremely important in most professions. In particular, it is imperative that clinical psychologists acquire these skills as it highly contributes ...

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This solution defines interpersonal skills and describe why these skills are necessary for clinical psychologists.

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