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Self Disclosure and Ethical Implications

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Discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in an interpersonal communication setting. Next, discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in a journalistic setting. Are the implications and results the same? Why or why not?

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Discuss the ethical implications of self-disclosure in an interpersonal communication setting.

Ethical implications can refer to making/choosing 'right or wrong' choices and implying them in many cases. When it comes to self-disclosure in an interpersonal communication setting, this is typically a person's right to disclosure and/or share personal information about themselves with their audience, whether it is a friend, co-worker, family member or blog site. The information the individual discloses is typically looked upon as being ethical however, it is subject to interpretation from the reader. For example, if two friends just meet, they are less likely to discuss topics in detail or disclose personal information such as if they are married, have children or dating, etc., opposed to the same set of friends talking after they have known each other for one year. After a year of knowing someone, it is more likely that the friends would discuss their personal relationships or talk about their children because there is more of an element of trust engaged.

"Disclosure begins on the outer layer and proceeds to the core of the onion. These ...

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This article discussing the difference between various types of communication such as interpersonal and journalism. It further reveals how the act of self disclosure may or may not differ between the two areas.

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