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Improving Communication in Organizations

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One of the most effective ways that we can improve our communication within the organizational context is through adapting the language that we use. A simple, yet effective way to do this is through the method that your textbook describes as "active listening". This strategy is explained in Chapter Four of your textbook.

Describe a time when you were trying to communicate with another person and active listening would have been helpful. What was the situation? How did he/she respond? How did you respond? What could you have done to improve the communication?

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Active Listening

Active listening is not only about hearing what the other person is saying; it is actually a communication technique. (Active Listening, 1998) This communication technique requires the listener to understand the dialogue through evaluation, interpretation, and analytical methods. In essence, active listening is established by the connection of rational understanding between the information sender and receiver.

Communication / Active Listening Example

The classic example of not actively listening is the verbal communications between spouses. As a personal experience, my spouse and I always have spirited discussions about the clutter in the garage. I prefer get rid of anything in the garage that is not being used as I see it as clutter. My spouse does not see this as clutter, she sees it as family memories and treasures these excessive items stored in the garage. These ...

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