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    Three Goals to Strengthen Professionalism

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    Professionalism in public health involves valuing a commitment to lifelong learning and professional service. Outline three goals that one should strive to achieve that will help strengthen and improve one's professionalism skills.

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    1) Improve communication channels
    2) Promote ideas from others by creating a welcoming atmosphere
    3) Be accountable/responsible

    Professionalism can be viewed as a means to ensure the best delivery of service, and so as an extension, should include the constant maintenance of the above goals.

    Improving communication channels is vital to any operation, and extends from yourself to any other person you interact with. Whether it be between colleagues or to clients, improving communication between all parties only makes your service better. I'll draw from my experiences here: improving communication between fellow techs and I ensure that we work well together as a team, so then when the ...

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    Three goals that could strengthen professionalism in individuals and in organizations