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    Robin Hood: Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

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    Can you please help me with this case study (attached)?

    Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
    Read the case "Robin Hood" provided in this week's lesson, and complete the following corresponding assignment.

    Before Robin can develop a strong, coherent strategy, he must have a solid mission statement; one that provides guidance and motivation for his band of Merrypersons. Your charge is to act as Robin's strategic planning consultant and complete the first step of the strategic planning process...the mission statement. Remember that mission statements have four components: mission, vision, values, and goals (MVVG).

    Please prepare a short paper (no more than 2 pages) detailing Robin's new mission statement.

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    Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

    Robin Hood must create a mission statement or in other words, describe "why he exists" (Grant, 2013). From the case study, it appears Robin Hood and his Merrymen exist to engage in conflict with the High Sherriff of Nottingham to fight for justice and revenge grievances. Robin Hood and his men have also been involved in stealing from the rich and give to the poor Thus, the Robin Hood and Merrymen mission statement might read,

    Robin Hood and the Merrymen fight for justice and redistribute wealth to those in need.

    In addition, Robin Hood and his Merrymen need a vision. This describes what the group wants to be. This is problematic, as the group gets larger. Robin Hood no longer has a simple organization, it is noted in the case study. Robin Hood is interested in retaining and potentially growing his scope of influence, ...

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