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Please note, this article below is not an essay. Just ask to paraphrase (restate it in another form or other words). Please help me paraphrase this article below... Do what you think is best...

The case study of Robin Hood and the merry men will show many problems faced by their organization. We, as advisors will present the group with ways and recommendations to solve those problems. We have to keep in mind that in order for us to analyze the case, although considered outlaws by the sheriff and Prince John inner circle, we have to see Robin and the merry men as a legitimate business in needs of our expertise.

Top four issues to be addressed:
1. Robin and his men were facing some real challenges such as the increasing size of the band, which was considered the top concerns for Robin. The situation had Robin thinking about what it is going to take to take care of the band. Note that they will need more foods, more money, more logistics, a larger archery and more difficulties to maintain discipline among them. The growing band was starting to surpass the food capacity provide by the forest and Robin had to obtain food supplies from remote villages, which cost money and started to drain out resources.

2. The competition was also a problem for Robin: The sheriff and Prince John in their obsession to capture robin and the merry men constituted had put some restraints in the band movements. Their capacity to capture Robin increased due to more logistics available to them.

3. The threat to Robin and the band supplies was another big issue that the merry organization had to deal with. Those supplies could easily fall in the hands of the sheriff at any time.

4. Discipline of the men involved in the organization: As the group augmented in size in terms of manpower, it because very difficult for the organization to operate throughout the forest.

My recommendations for Robin:
Robin organization faced some serious challenges in terms of the best routes to take to provide the best solutions to his band's problems.
A new plan: In order to help the organization become more efficient, the group needs to come with better recruitment process. It is good to have many men, but it would be much better to have many men with necessary skills to help carry the group mission. The code of conduct and discipline needs some reviewing which can be partly done through the screening during entry into the group by identifying more people with managing skills to help manage the increase in number of the men. Because of the food shortage, recruiting farmers and hunters seems to be the right move to help resolve that particular issue. That would also help ensure success and preserve the organization. My recommendation to Robin is to lay out a plan to Little John on how to recruit new members for the organization. Lay out the criteria to join the group.

Should Robin raise taxes on the villagers?
Unless Robin could impose a transit tax on the rich only, he cannot explore the possibility of taxing the villagers who first are poor and secondly are his most loyal allies. The taxes also would be a deviation from Robin main mission which is to take from the rich so he could take care of the poor. It is true that the merry men needed the revenues, but it could not come at the expense of the villagers, therefore I recommend that Robin tell the truth to the villagers and ask them for help without forcing their hands. In other words, find another way to continue to steal from the rich.

The need to expand the organization:
The group needs to expand its operation beyond the areas they occupy. They need to go after the merchants who now support the sheriff with their funding. And they need to do so where ever the merchants go. This brings us back to the notions of skilled men are needed to conduct those raids against the merchants, since the raids were to be outside the merry men comfort zone which is the forest.

Should Robin Hood kill the sheriff, or not?
Robin personal problems with the sheriff makes it very difficult to kill the sheriff, as it would be perceived as pure personal revenge instead of serving the cause of the merry men and the villagers. More importantly it would not stop the campaign because, not only Prince John would name another sheriff, but it would put the entire army to the pursuit of Robin and the merry men. I recommend that Robin try not to kill the sheriff, but instead lead his campaign in a way to raise awareness of the issue. I recommend that Robin try to attract the merchants by posing less threat to their business which would lower their cost of operations.

Should Robin Hood accept the barons' proposal?
Partaking in the mission to free King Richard from prison appears to be the best thing for Robin and his men to do:
Pros of the baron's proposal: Assisting in securing King Richard's release from prison appears to be good because the merry men would be cleared of all charges from their past actions in the villages, and their status of outlaws.
Cons of the baron's proposal: The cons are that, failing of the plan could lead to a more dangerous life for them than before. That could lead to more persecutions for Robin and the villagers, as the sheriff and the prince would be without any mercy.

New organization chart
The new organization chart for the merry men organization should include but not limited to more lieutenants to help Robin manage the day to day operations of the organization; some more sergeants to carry out field operations missions as leaders; and many more corporals to lead small field squads.

We identify some key factors success for the group such as: High labor productivity;
Expertise acquired by the merry men in terms of robbing the rich which they can transfer to new recruits; convenient location; the brand name of their product is well respected; great advertising at no cost; and more................

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The paraphrasing assistance for Robin Hood and the merry men are determined. The challenges for growing bands are provided.

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If I were going to paraphrase the Robin Hood case study I would address each of the four issues followed by a recommendation section for Robin Hood.

In my opinion, the development of several recommendations related to the Robin Hood entity should involve the refinement of the organizational structure and management, i.e. the merry men. The internal threats to the Robin Hood entity are a lack of discipline, food, and managerial leadership. The external threats to the group are Prince John, the sheriff, and the barons. The organization as a whole can increase its productivity however, a new strategy must be implemented to succeed. The problems facing the organization are related to King Richard, Prince John, the Sheriff of Nottingham and recruiting. ...

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