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    Steps to effective paraphrasing

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    What is the difference between quoting and paraphrasing? Do you still need to cite your sources when you paraphrase? You betcha. Here are some practical steps to effective paraphrasing.

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    A paraphrase is...
    ? your own rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by someone else, presented in a new form.
    ? one legitimate way (when accompanied by accurate documentation) to borrow from a source.
    ? a more detailed restatement than a summary, which focuses concisely on a single main idea.
    Paraphrasing is a valuable skill because...
    ? it is better than quoting information from an undistinguished passage.
    ? it helps you control the temptation to quote too much.
    ? the mental process required for successful paraphrasing helps you to grasp the full meaning of the original.
    6 Steps to Effective Paraphrasing
    1. Reread ...

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    The solution provides steps to effective paraphrasing.