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Emotion and Therapy

Paraphrasing, transference, unconditional positive regard, and resulting feedback from an impartial, unbiased professional can lead to therapeutic progress, in addition to the development of trust towards the clinician on the part of the client. Emotion is very effective at obstructing logic. Oftentimes, hearing one's own dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors repeated back to you by an unbiased, trusted practitioner can begin the process of chipping away at automatic defense mechanisms. Studies have also shown that talk therapy is capable of rewiring certain connections in the brain and increases the size of the amygdala (brain scans have shown that individuals diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders have smaller amygdalas than individuals who have not been diagnosed with these disorders).
Is this true why or why not?

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Paraphrasing, transference, unconditional positive regard along with empathy and genuineness will give good feedback when working with the right ...

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An essay that teaches us how to use our own emotions in therapeutic relationships.