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    Extra curricular activities limiting socialization

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    Please provide assistance with this PPT Action Research Project. I also need all the corrections address. Please see the attachments/rubric.

    Action Research and Evaluation
    ARP PPT Section Three Rubric

    Content 70 Points Comments:
    The following elements of the assignment are included:
    • clear and concise goal for intervention; (14)
    • specific, detailed implementation plan; (14)
    • supporting materials needed; (14)
    • weekly operational calendar; (14)
    • directions for implementation of each component. (14)
    Points Earned
    Organization and Readability 15 Points Comments:
    Slides contain the fewest possible words to convey the information. (3)
    Presentation of information is logical and easy to follow. (3)
    Theme and formatting "extras" aid in effectiveness of presentation. (3)
    Font and background selections are visually appealing, easy to read, and not distracting. (3)
    Images are appropriate and helpful in conveying information. (3)
    Points Earned
    Format and Mechanics 15 Points Comments:
    Appropriate citations (attribution, paraphrasing, direct quotes) and reference slide follow APA guidelines. (5)
    Tense and person are consistent throughout presentation. (5)
    Rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation are followed (subject-verb, pronoun use, preposition placement, etc), with no spelling errors. (5)
    Points Earned
    Total Points Possible: 10 (*10=) Points Earned.

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