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    Police Personality: Unique Traits vs. Socialization & Experience

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    Target the concept of police personality, focusing on unique traits versus socialization and experience. Choose one viewpoint and explain why it makes the most sense to you.

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    Choose one viewpoint and explain why it makes the most sense to you.
    There are two perspectives of police personality. One is the view that unique traits of a person define and develop the personality of a policeman. On the other hand, there is the socialization and experience viewpoint that means that the personality of the policemen is developed through socialization and experience of doing the job. The unique traits perspective means that some persons have traits that predispose them towards becoming policemen. This means that there some persons with a type of personality that are attracted to the job of the policeman. The unique traits that form the personality of policemen include those of being hostile, secretive, cynicism, and loyalty. This is a pessimistic view of police personality because the existence of such traits is rare and such individuals may become very difficult to accept modern police training. The unique traits perspective of police personality is a gloomy view point that holds that people are born with ...

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