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Stereotypes or Person Prototypes

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Describe in detail each prototype, including appearance and personality characteristics.

1). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Nerds/Smart students) their appearance and personality characteristics.
2). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Popular /Cool Kids) their appearance and personality characteristic
3). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Jocks/Athletes) their appearance and personality characteristics

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1) Nerds/Smart Students - Stereotypically, these students are seen as wearing glasses or pants high on their waist and always having a book to read with them. These students might not have a lot of friends or be really involved in math and science classes and extra-curricular activities. Many of these students are seen as being quiet and keeping to themselves and being more of the onlookers. ...

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Detailed stereotypes of students who are considered nerds or being smart; who are the popular/cool kids and the students who are seen as jocks/athletes.

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