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How to raise MEAP scores

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The team has now proven that the district will be able to maintain its federal funding
if it can assure that the four main factors are set to their optimum settings.

So, what do they do next?

Instructions for you:
For each of the four factors make suggestions for the "next steps" that need
to be taken to get these factors set to their optimum setting.

To restate what needs to be completed
Your "next steps" to ensure that each of the four factors gets set to its optimum setting.

What steps would you implement in the education process at Normal High School?

See results from DOE assignment.
Attached are the DOE information

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There were originally 10 potential factors that could affect student MEAP scores (Statistics+Assignment 795 Solution F[1].doc):

teaching style
special education
two parents
extra curricular activities
community involvement

From looking at their main effects, you found that there were only five factors that had a significant effect on MEAP scores:

teaching style
grade level
extra curricular activities
community involvement

In that original analysis, you found that the optimal scores for those factors were:

teaching style * low * group teaching style
grade level * low * grades 9 and 10
extra curricular activities * high * have extra curricular activities
community involvement * high * have community involvement
attendance * low * less than 5 absences


You then examined four of those factors in order to find the optimum settings for each of those factors (Part+2+Deliverable+from+8+numbers+plugged+into+the+DOE+2003[1].doc).

You found that the optimal settings were:

A * teaching style * + * group teaching style
B * community involvement * - * have community involvement
C * extra curricular activities * - * have extra curricular activities
D * attendance * - * less than 5 ...