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    Math Standards, a comparison of 3 states

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    Optain the academic standards for kindergarten for three states (available on state education websites). Compare the standards in a single category such as math or reading and describe how the standards are similar or different across the states. What are your thoughts regarding the developmental appropriates of these standards?

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    I've selected three states I've worked in. Michigan, Arizona and North Carolina. The later I like best because while initially I balked at it, I came to appreciate the pacing guide they circulate to all teachers, which is supposed to keep everyone on track and geared up for the annual state test. If a teacher follows the pacing guide, not steering off track, all content should be covered to fidelity and have students ready for the standardized tests, which for YOUR post, doesn't really apply. Most states don't test kindergarteners for obvious reasons. They do get tested but not on the MEAP, AIMS or related test. MEAP is the MI test and AIMS is the Arizona test.

    Here are the main MI standards

    Standard I.1 Patterns

    Standard I.2 Variability and Change

    Strand II. Geometry and Measurement

    Standard II.1 Shape and Shape Relationships

    Standard II.2 Position

    Standard II.3 Measurement

    Strand III. Data Analysis and Statistics

    Standard III.1 Collection, Organization and Presentation
    of Data

    Standard III.2 Description and Interpretation

    Standard III.3 Inference and Prediction

    Strand IV. Number ...

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    Kindergarten math standards are compared for Michigan, Arizona and North Carolina. Patterns, variability and change,
    Geometry and Measurement are a few areas discussed.