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    Content Standards and Integration

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    1. Why is it important to have instructional and content standards for mathematics, science, and technology?

    2. How can the integration of science, math, and technology standards foster student learning?

    Possibly 250 words each question??

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    1. Content standards in math, science, and technology help to ensure that all students have access to the same body of core knowledge in these areas. This helps students who may move from one school to another, as they will still be in the same place as those in their grade. It also helps colleges and workplaces to know that incoming candidates should possess certain skills. Consistent standards help improve accountability for schools by giving all schools a benchmark for their students to reach. It also provides a starting point for dialogue between schools - curriculum may differ, as will teaching methods, but the content to be mastered in each grade is the same, which allows various schools and classrooms to have a common ...

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    This discusses why it is important to have standards in science, math, and technology, and how the integration of these standards can aid student learning.