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    Test Construction: Issues and Concerns

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    I have attached a podcast interview that I have found from the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute. Can some help me provide a brief summary of the podcast. Then please tell me what your ideas, as a teacher, of a critique are based on what you have heard.

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    Test construction

    Interview Questions

    1. What are your initial fears in creating tests?
    • Making the tests too easy for the kids to no longer do home study; but making them also too difficult would make the students drop the subject...so I do make a balance
    • Making the tests align with the correct curriculum or correct objectives for them to understand
    • What is the caliber of my students; is it High, mid or low/ Am I teaching them all these information but when the tests come they can't be able to answer them.

    1. How do you construct your test? Do you focus on just one type of test...
    • Standardized tests inhibit me on what to test and what not to test; but I would like multiple test and short answer test.
    • Application test; questions of how, What can we do, How do they impact on society...

    2. Is creating a test based on standards a hindrance to academic freedom or you ...

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    A summary of a podcast interview on the topic, Test Construction. It covers such topics as FEARS in test construction and issues on educational assessment particularly whether or not assessment is an art or a science.