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Tests and Scales

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What are the relationships among tests and scales, populations, reliability and validity. Describe the test and scale examples from your discipline, including the populations, the reliability and validity of each test, and whether the test and scale could be applied to another population.

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Test Scales & Reliability

What are test scales? To understand scales, it is important to recall the 4 types of measurement - nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio - types of scale that measure scientific phenomenon from a quantitative perspective. An example of an oft-used scale in psychometric testing in psychology is the Likert scale, a research that employs the use of questionnaires to rate or score answers along a range that signifies level of agreement. How reliable are scales? In statistics reliability is a question of the consistency of measurement. If a test produces the consistent results under consistent conditions over time, then a test has reliability. For example, a questionnaire measuring needs of students in a university given overtime, if the answers and measure are consistent despite the changing student body in a set of years means that the measure is reliable in terms of the fact that it actually seeks to find out what students needs are.

Test Scales and Validity

Validity of measure simply put means that the test (or in this case, the scale) actually measures what it says it would measure. In psychometric measurements, a test has validity if it is proven that the evidence generated ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) of defining and exploring tests and scales as they relate to concerns with regards to population, reliability and validity. Certain tests and scales are exemplified and described, their reliability and validity as well as the kind of population they best apply to. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version (which includes samples) is attached.

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Measures of Personality

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Research the development and use of each test and their stated reliability and validity. In a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper, summarize the focus of each test, and address the following points:

a. How the test works

b. The circumstances under which using the test would be indicated

c. The stated reliability and validity of the instrument

d. The factors that users of such tests should consider

e. Your opinion of the usefulness of the test based on your research.

Be sure to follow APA format, and use a minimum of four sources other than the course text.

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