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Drug testing issues

In regard to the issue of drug testing, please discuss the pros and cons among the different examples presented below. In brief, is there any argument for or against increased testing in these areas? Thank you.

1. Drug testing in Sports
2. Drug testing in the construction industry
3. Drug testing for retail employees
4. Random drug testing for all employees

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The way to approach this question-and I am assuming, because of the nature of the question and the level, that you are not expected to give references to complex ethical theories-is to think about the issues that would distinguish one of these areas from the other, and what reasons employers could use to justify drug testing .

In Sports: we would have to consider the importance of "fair play"-consider in your answer, how important that would be to the whole picture.

In the construction industry the critical element obviously would be safety.

For retail employees, the concern would be ...

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