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    the topic of the ethics of drug testing in the employment setting.

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    choose an article within either the ABI/INFORM Collection database or the Business Source Complete database on the topic of the ethics of drug testing in the employment setting.

    After reading the article, write a 500-word article critique by addressing each of the following items:

     Briefly introduce and summarize the article.  Do the author's arguments support his or her main point?  What evidence supports the main point?  How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or professional life?  How could the topic apply to an organization you have observed?  How would you explain the role of leadership in corporate culture, and how would you describe leadership styles and how they affect ethical decision-making?  Are there any inherent unethical practices with drug testing, though it is technically legal?  What conclusions can you draw about the ethical issues facing business leaders?

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    The article focuses on both arguments for and against the use of drug testing within the workplace and the ethics of this practice. By providing insight into the debate, the author is able to give the reader the ability to understand why this issue is very controversial wherein many people agree with the use of drug testing while others view it as an invasion of privacy and a hypocritical approach that is selectively used on some "drugs" while other more dangerous drugs are not tested. In regard to the primary arguments of both sides, the opponents believe that because drug testing focuses on issues unrelated to job performance wherein a "dirty" urine analysis doesn't equate the worker being impaired on-the-job, the use of drug testing is simply an invasion of privacy into the employee's life outside of their employment. In addition, the fact that alcohol or ...

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    The topic of the ethics of drug testing in the employment setting are provided.