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The Case For and Against Drug Testing

Please help answer the following questions.

Should people be tested for drugs at work? Is this a good thing or is this something that violates the 14th amendment? Would testing make employees feel like criminals or is it good to keep the consistency of a company's control levels? (Such as a plant that works with hazardous materials etc). Looking for help & suggestions on constructing a 3 page report for and against drug testing at work.

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First you need to list the pros and cons and their ramifications. Does it violate the 14th amendment? That is dependent on several things, but I do not feel it is. Privacy issues are protected, but the dangers and harm from alcohol or drug use and abuse in the work place or that spills into the workplace should take precedence. And doing something illegal is never an issue of privacy.

The pros would be to prevent people who use drugs and ...

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The following posting provides cases both for and against drug testing employees in companies. References are included in the solution.