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project based assessments and authentic assessments

Compare project based assessments to authentic assessments and explain how they can support problem based learning and help students meet standards and learning goals that require higher order thinking skills?

Project based learning typically results in some type of product and performance. Provide an example of technology integration that will suport this?

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Project based learning requires students to work beyond basic content mastery. They must explore to deeper depths and therefore are problem based learning. Lessons and expectations need to involve activities that are relevant to authentic assessment such as project-based learning, role-playing, journals, and cooperative learning.

National Science Teachers of America award winner, Mark Stefanski, required project-based assignments and at year end, all 30 of his students earned a 3 or higher on the AP Exam in science.
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One idea noted, hyperstudio, was very popular at one time, for students to demonstrate their work in ...