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    Traditional and authentic assessments

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    What are the benefits and drawbacks of traditional and authentic assessments in math and science?

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    Authentic assessment:
    Authentic assessment gives a meaningful learning experience to the learners because they give an opportunity for performing real world task. Thus the knowledge and skills of people are put into practical application. This can be successfully implemented by a leader only if he communicates clearly the objectives and the teaching techniques and the purpose of it.
    Traditional assessment:
    Purpose and benefits:
     Traditional assessment aims creating productive students for the country.
     It includes multiple-choice tests, fill-in-the-blanks; true-false, matching that is prepared by the teachers according to some standard.
     These test are held internationally, statewide and sometimes locally also.
     The primary aim is to produce some productive human resource by helping them obtain basic knowledge.
     The schools try to impart some basic knowledge and skills.
     To find out whether the students ...

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    This discusses advantages and disadvantages of traditional and authentic assessments in math and science.