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Authentic assessment for young children

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Develop a position statement about the need for more authentic assessment of children in early childhood classroom. Give reasons why it supports developmentally approptiate educational practices. Define authentic assessment as well as to identify and describe appropriate assessment activities and techniques. Please cite two references.



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Notable literacy improvements have been demonstrated in studies, where ongoing authentic assessment in early childhood has taken place. With the growing number of failing US schools, the trend in making teachers and schools accountable has evolved, even at the early childhood level.

Authentic assessment is usually developed by a teacher to gage task mastery. Generally, a rubric (checklist) is created so skills can be easily and fairly ...

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Interview students, portfolio creation and input from professionals and parents are just a few authentic assessment ideas discussed.

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Authentic Assessment in Early Childhood Education

Choose one assessment srategy you are most comfortable with. Thinking of your own interaction with the strategy, describe what makes it comfortable.

Choose from the following:

Authentic assessment
naturalistic participant orientation evaluation
informal evaluation
developmentally appropriate assessment
needs assessment
developmentally appropriate assessment.

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