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    Authentic Assessment in Early Childhood Education

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    Choose one assessment srategy you are most comfortable with. Thinking of your own interaction with the strategy, describe what makes it comfortable.

    Choose from the following:

    Authentic assessment
    naturalistic participant orientation evaluation
    informal evaluation
    developmentally appropriate assessment
    needs assessment
    developmentally appropriate assessment.

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    Authentic assessment, as defined by Neisworth, Bagnato, and Stephen (2004), is the systematic collection of information about the naturally occurring behaviors of young children and families in their daily routines. I am most comfortable evaluating young children using authentic assessment as it uses observations and portfolios which provide first-hand information about a child's performances and so they enable the development of appropriate programs to meet the child's physical, social, and ...

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    The solution explains why Authentic Assessment is good in early childhood education. References included.