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    Authentic Assessment

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    1. What is "authentic assessment"?
    2. What is a specific example of an authentic assessment that you do (or would) use in your current (or future) classroom?
    3. How is authentic assessment different from traditional assessment measures?
    4. What are the benefits/advantages of authentic assessments over traditional assessment measures?
    Please provide at least 3-5 APA professional-practice-based rationale references that support the use of authentic types of assessments.

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    1. What is "authentic assessment"?

    One source offers a concrete definition that I completely advocate:

    Olfos, R., & Zulantay, H. (2007). Reliability and Validity of Authentic Assessment in a Web Based Course. Journal Of Educational Technology & Society, 10(4), 156-173.

    The authors define it as "performance assessment, appropriate assessment, alternative assessment, or direct assessment; authentic assessment includes a variety of techniques such as written products, portfolios, checklists, teacher observations, and group projects" (156).
    I see it as a natural extension of what's taught in the classroom and focuses on active learning "...that produces refined results or products, and is associated with multiple learning indicators" (156).

    In fact, it not only evaluates the products, but also the processes involved. It is a process that monitors the learner's "...progress using a variety of methods, such as observation records, interviews, and evidence gathering" (156).

    2. What is a specific example of an authentic assessment that you do ...

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