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Using authentic versus traditional assessment

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When is it appropriate to use an authentic versus traditional assessment?

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First, consider environment and the tone of the learning community for authentic versus traditional assessment. Some school missions and sentiment lend well to authentic learning and assessment. A gifted school or classroom would be a logical place to use authentic assessment (AA). This doesn't mean to imply that students in a gifted or creative environment can't succeed or do well with traditional assessment but it is a natural place for the former.

Contrarily, a conservative, ...

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Assessing student learning is discussed.

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Authentic Assessments

Prepare a 3-page research-based and professional-practice-based rationale that supports the use of authentic types of assessments. (By "professional practice" we mean the literature written by educators who describe how and why they use authentic assessment methods.)

Examine multiple strategies of authentic assessment, including student-centered and teacher-centered scenarios, as well as self-assessment, surveys, and portfolios.

This rationale must clearly address each of the following:

What is "authentic assessment"?
What is a specific example of an authentic assessment that you do (or would) use in your current (or future) classroom?
How is authentic assessment different from traditional assessment measures?
What are the benefits/advantages of authentic assessments over traditional assessment measures?

Your research and professionally based rationale is to clearly illustrate your understanding of authentic assessments as depicted in the Background information reading.

This essay is considered the signature assignment of the course. A signature assignment reflects knowledge or skills essential to meeting a student learning outcome—in this case, information literacy. The signature assignment can be viewed as a milestone in the student's progress toward fulfilling one or several program outcomes.

Use a number of resources from the research and professional literature to support your claims. In particular:

Be sure to use at least 3-5 references to scholarly literature.

The references should be properly cited in the text and the reference section.

Remember, Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable resource for academic writing.

The structure of your submission should demonstrate your ability to present and support your insights in a clear, organized, and professional manner.

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