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Alternative Assessment in Education

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Find an example of an assessment used in education.
How is the assessment used?
Is it norm or criterion-referenced? Explain.
Is it considered an aptitude or achievement test? Explain
Is it a standardized test? Explain
Is the assessment biased toward certain groups of people? Explain.
What type of data driven decisions are made from this assessment?

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There are many forms of assessment. Traditionally, testing of some kind, is used for the final measurement. Those teaching Math and Statistics view assessment as testing, grading and giving a particular score to a student based on how he/she preformed on the test. Other subjects use yes/no , true/false, etc. to measure knowledge, or changed ability. However, current thought towards traditional assessment is changing. There is a movement to reform tradition assessment in education (e.g., Romberg 1992, Lesh and Lamon 1992).

One form of assessment becoming popular is called "Alternative Assessment" , also called "direct, authentic and performance assessment." Referring to Khattri and Sweet, Worthen quotes: "Performance assessment refers to a type of assessment that requires students to actually perform, demonstrate, ...

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Proposes "Alternative Assessment" as a valid for of educational assessment tool.