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    Assessment in Curriculum Planning

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    In two to three pages, discuss the role of assessment in curriculum planning. My paper must include the following:
    - What are the objectives of assessment?
    - What value does assessment brings to the curriculum planning process?
    - How can the knowledge gained through assessment be applied while planning activities for an individual child and the collective group?
    - Which assessments are best used in an early childhood education setting?

    Please include your own insights and reflections on the above questions as you complete this on the role of assessment in the development of a meaningful curriculum for young children.

    I need some assistance developing thoughts for this assignment. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Objectives of Assessment: This is becoming increasingly important even at the early childhood level. What this means, is that as teachers, I'm sure you know that early childhood educators observe and analyze children's development and learning. They watch children at work and play, writing down information about what they see. They also organize and interpret samples of the children's work, and set up portfolios to show their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they make teacher-made tests and other times, publish ones, or interpret the child's general progress. Most important to this age are understandings in mathematics and literacy (McAfee & Leong, 2011).

    You may want to mention the difference between formative and summative assessments here too. Formative assessment is part of the instructional process. When incorporated into classroom practice, it provides the information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are happening (McAfee & Leong, 2011). Summative assessments are given periodically to determine a particular point in time in which students know and do not know things. Summative assessments can be standardized tests, district wide tests, interim tests, and end of the trimester tests (McAfee & Leong, 2011).

    Value of Assessment: I would think that the knowledge gained during and after formative assessments would give the most value to curriculum planning. That is because after the ...

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