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Assessment in planning the least restrictive environments

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1.What is the importance of assessment in planning the least restrictive environments for people with disabilities?

2.How are assessments used in the workplace? How can assessments be misused in the workplace?

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The expert examines assessments in planning for the least restrictive environments for people with disabilities.

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The importance of assessment in planning the least restrictive environments for people with disabilities:

Assessment entails analyzing and reviewing what is known about people or systems to be able to understand where individuals stand at a given moment in time, in order to be able to plan and chart the way forward for where wants to be in the future Community Assessment, 2009). On the other hand the least restrictive environment (LRE) implies providing people with disabilities environments where they can be able to access the best education similar to nondisabled persons. At best if they can, they should be educated with the nondisabled students in regular classrooms they would have attended were they not disabled and provided with meaningful academic benefits to the greatest extent possible (National Dissemination Centre for Children with Disabilities, 2010).

Assessment in planning for a LRE for students with disabilities is very important as it helps in considering the various needs of the students in the school and possible ways that the school facilities and curriculum can be made easier for disabled people to use effectively and gain ...

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