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    Special Education Terms

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    Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Students with Disabilities, is divided into six sections.
    Each part includes several definitions and terms that are imperative to understand.

    Brief description of the key definitions contained in Section 200.1, including:
    - Annual Review
    - Functional Behavior Assessment
    - Least Restrictive Environment
    - Behavior Intervention Plan
    - Other common terms/acronyms

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    Special Education Terms ~
    Regulations of Education, Part 200.1

    Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education - Students with Disabilities

    Part 200 is divided into six sections.

    Section 200.1

    *What is the Annual Review process?
    This meeting is scheduled each school year with the team involved in the education of a student who has been identified with a disability, or who has been brought to the attention of the Special Education Committee as possibly requiring services. Usually, prior to this meeting, an evaluation is administered to the student by school personnel. The parents/guardians of the student must be invited to this meeting. During this meeting, recommendations are made to maintain, make changes to, or de-classify the student from special education depending on his or her individual needs.

    *What is a Functional Behavior Assessment ...

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