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Creating A Brochure

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Create an easy-to-understand document-for parents of special education students, detailing what they need to know about special education process. See SPED Law for Parents guidelines for further details.

Design & Audience
• The brochure should be no longer than two pages - front & back
• The brochure should target parents of children in special education - remember that most parents DO NOT have a background in special education law
• The brochure should use simple words and sentences. If you use technical terms make sure that you provide an explanation of the term.
• Use graphics to enhance understanding of the text
• If you work at a school, the brochure should be specific to the needs of your campus or district
• If you work with special education children in a setting (e.g., rehabilitation center, advocacy, etc.) other than a public school; the brochure should target that setting
• If you do not work with special education children then pretend that you are a special education teacher in a public school
Content of Brochure
• Child Find
• SPED time line for Texas
• Rights of parent(s) and child including:
o Due process
o Mediation
o Right to independent evaluation
o Full participation in ARD process

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This solution creates a document for parents of special education students, detailing what they need to know about special education process.

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