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Create a Brochure for a Data Repository

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Create a brochure advertising your services as a data repository.
Research commercial data repositories. Be sure to understand this business model, including the services, benefits, and marketing of services.

Use a publisher program to create a one-page, two-fold brochure. If you are using a word processing program, you may create a one-page, two column document to create your brochure. Address the following in your brochure:
• Advertising your services as a commercial data repository to existing businesses.
• Include your services, customer benefits, and reasons to do business with you.
• Provide at least three reasons why the customer should be collecting data.
• Include at least one graphic or picture of your choosing.

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The solution assists with creating a brochure for a data respository.

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A better way to enter, store, manage, and back up the data that keeps your business going.
Are you concerned about the following:
● power outages
● connecting with online visitors
● system failure or hardware
● effective use of customer data
● limiting data to necessary users
● data ...

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