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Pamphlet Creation -SIDS

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Asssess a current health promotion brochure or pamphlet for appropriateness for the general public. Be sure and use references to support and document your discussion as you critique the materials. Include a copy of the pamphlet/brochure as a separate attachment to avoid loss of points. I have attached the brochure for your review

Include information related to:

a. Discuss Lay-out appeal

b. Describe Content accuracy, and quality

c. Reading level clearly identified

d. Target Audience identified

e. Clarity

f. Examples

g. Usefulness

h. Cultural sensitivity and competence

i. Helpful hints or tips for self-care management

j. Appropriate literacy level for target audience

k. Publisher

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Below is some information to get you started on your assignment. I have provided notes next to each section. I hope this helps and good luck with the assignment.

a. Discuss Lay-out appeal - The lay-out of the brochure is eye catching. It gathers a reader s attention right away. The information is laid out so it can be easily found. The bolded sections also help readers get the important information.

b. Describe Content accuracy, and quality - The content of the brochure is accurate according to the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. If the information ...

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