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Factors in infant mortality

Identify and discuss the major factors in infant mortality

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The most common factor contributing to high infant mortality rates throughout the world has been due to dehydration from diarrhea. However the spreading information about Oral Rehydration Solution to mothers around the world has decreased the rate of children dying from dehydration. Currently the most common cause is pneumonia. Other factors contributing to infant mortality include:

Malnutrition: Infant malnutrition is generally more common in children who live in underdeveloped countries. In some extreme cases it can cause marasmus, a disease that occurs when infants are severely undernourished. Growth stops , body tissue wastes away and the infant dies. The primary cause of this is the arly stopping of breast-feeding. Many countries have tried to fight severe infant malnutrition by encouraging breast-feeding which has worked to an extent.

Malaria: According to the World Health Organization (2004) Malaria is the 5th most common infectious disease affecting people worldwide. In less developed countries infants were more likely to die from it.

Congenital Malformation: This can involve defects or ...

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The solution discusses the major factors in infant mortality.