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    Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals

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    Suppose that you work as a charge nurse in the labor and delivery department at a hospital. One of the nurses under your supervision claims that some nurses do not receive adequate training to deliver babies. She also asserts that there are not enough nurses working each shift to handle the number of mothers entering the labor and delivery room. She further expresses that labor and delivery nurses are not adequately reimbursed for the amount of work that they do. She complains that as a result of all of these factors, too many babies die in the labor and delivery room.

    Your job is to name and define each part of the nurse's argument. Be sure to provide a justification of your response.


    You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response. Your opinions should be justified with evidence from the literature. References should be cited properly in the text of your essay, as well as at the end. Several scholarly references should be cited for this assignment.


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    The labor and delivery department is faced with the problem of high infant mortality rates. One of the nurses claims that this is due to other nurses not receiving adequate training to deliver babies, the number of nurses handling delivering mothers in each shift are not enough and also due to the fact that nurses are not adequately reimbursed for the amount of work that they do. While some of the claims in the nurses' argument may have some truth, it would not be fair to say it is only these three reasons that are responsible for the high infant mortality rate as compared to other health care providers. The nurse in this instance is ignoring other fundamental factors such as the quality of healthcare, the condition of healthcare facility, premature babies or the health condition of the mother. A study done recently found that the highest reason for high infant mortality in the United States was prematurity in babies rather than lack of skilled nurses to attend the delivering mothers (Nurse.com, 2009). However, the fact that the labor and delivery department records higher infant mortality rate relative to other healthcare providers warrants an evaluation on the nurses' arguments (Elder & Paul, 2007).

    The claim that high infant mortality rate in the labor and delivery department is high due to lack of adequate training to some nurses in baby delivery may have some ground in it. It is usually imperative that labor and delivery nurses on the top in knowing any new development in prenatal care and delivery in order to be able to effectively with any complications during birth or nay emerging issues in this field of care (EduDecisions, 2011). This aids in continual learning and training for the nurses. Therefore a nurse who does not stay on top of new developing knowledge though qualified to perform their work may not be able to understand the changing prenatal environment and may therefore not be effective enough in doing ...

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