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    The Skills and Abilities Needed in the Health Information Technology Field

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    Describe the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to meet the current and future demands in the Health Information Technology field. List two Health Information Technology professional organizations you feel are important to the field and describe why they are important.

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    Knowledge, skills, and abilities required to meet demands in HIT are varied. Some are centered around industry specific functions, such as providing health care. Others require general knowledge and abilities in management, technology savvy, and professional development. In the healthcare industry, specific terminology is used in the process of providing patient care. The terminology is used in electronic health records for data entry, billing, and other functions of the EHR. Therefore, knowledge of medical terminology and of insurance provider terminology is required of those working in the field.

    Abilities required in HIT fields involve many categories, such as communications, ...

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    The skills and abilities needed in health information technology are determined. The expert lists two health information technology professional organizations which are important.