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Needs assessment of Department of Defense

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Assessment of the work processes and key employees
Discusses how the organization will change while meeting its strategic challenges in the future.
Includes what kinds of workers will be needed; what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be appropriate; what is the compensation system and is it reflective of the market's conditions?

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The Department of Defense Assessment
The United States, as an organization has structure. At the forefront of this organization is the president. If the U.S. fails at any task the president is held accountable. The work process of any organization needs structure and skills necessary to facilitate goals and values sets. Civilian Personnel Advisory Center of the DOD is the primary Human Resources staffing department of U.S Government. To properly staff and run any organization, the company must assess the work processes, identify key employees, and develop needed KSA's for staffing.
Assessment of work processes
The Department of Defense is a diverse organization staffed by a variety of personnel. The needs of the organization help support the U.S. Government in protecting and serving the well-being of residents. The work process is the organizational design that helps promote high performance culture. According to leadership-and-motivation-training.com (2011), "A high performance culture is characterized by: Planned organization design choices, Minimizing of management control, Enabling people who do the work to control how it gets done, Commitment to a common vision, Business focused, and Integration of people and equipment (not people to equipment)(Para 4). The DOD has designed the organization around the individual job descriptions. Civilian personnel lead the organization by developing employee standards.
The Directors of each staffed section of the Civilian Personnel Advisory center work together to develop the needed processes for meeting the standards. Dreher (2011) stated "In essence, employees are charged with improving work processes over time (p. 70). The first process in the organization is ...

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