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Acquisition Management and the Department of Defense

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What do you think Acquisition Management is and what are your impressions of how it is done in Department of Defense?

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Investigation how acquisition management is utlized within the DOD (Department of Defense) for proficiency within the organization phases of operation.

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Acquisition management is the process of obtaining resources needed for an organization to produce their core objective, in relation, towards services or a particular product. In the area of procurement or contract management the processes infuses a mandate of utilizing acquisition management for an achieved goal of the organization. The acquisition management strategy entails allocating personnel to tasks required to completing a particular service or product for the end user. During the acquisition management initiatives, process entails technical knowledge ranging from software development in complex environments to contract law.

Now, let's look into the contract law component of focus dealing with acquisition management on how it is incorporated in DoD. Within the contract law, the acquisition management entails the understanding as well as implementation in government pricing and contracts for negotiation leading to contract management. The goal is sufficient contracting negotiation resulting in concentrated effort for cost effective measures in resources within an economical and performance-based objective. The DoD acquisition management team utilizes the variety of phases during the acquiring of sources or ...

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